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StopClimb in use..!!

Security Camera Pole

This Police Security Camera pole has been successfully treated with Anti-Climb Paint.

Anti-Climb Paint on Wall

A good thick application on this wall has proved successful

Culcheth Library

This Library roof is coated with Anti-Climb Paint

Wooden Fence

The top of this fence has been coated with StopClimb anti-Vandal Paint

Supermarket wall

The aesthetic look of Anti-Vandal paint as opposed to Barbed Wire

(The Paint is on top of the wall & fence)

A car park wall

After treatment with StopClimb, no futher attacks have been made to date.


StopClimb is easily applied with a brush or roller and covers in one coat.

An ugly car park wall

This wall has been plagued by the graffiti vandal


No-One will be using this pipe as a method of entry into the property

StopClimb Paint On a Wall in Sydney

This complex was being entered by thieves on a regular basis, No incidents have occured in over a year

Naburn bridge

Anti-Climb Paint was Used to stop graffiti vandals climbing this bridge

Anti-Climb warning sign in London

Warning signs should always be displayed where Stop-Climb is used.