ProtectAll Products 

History Page

ProtectAll Security Products was formed in 2002 by Dave Townes after trying in vain to find some Non-Drying paint in Australia. Dave knew of the product from his experiences in the U.K. and was determined to introduce it for the benefit of Australia in the fight against vandalism and graffiti.

By 2003 the first shipment of "StopClimb" was in the country and the process of letting people know about it was under way, also to protect the name, "StopClimb" was successfuly registered in June of 2004.

StopClimb is now being used by Schools, Hotels, a Hospital and private residencies, and is about to undergo testing by the Brisbane City Council.

In September of 2006 Non-Drying Paint Pty. Ltd was granted exclusive rights to distribute "StopClimb" Non-Drying Paint, for the state of Victoria and will be only too happy to assist you with your needs. See the, "My Contacts" page for the contact details and website for Non-Drying Paint Pty Ltd."

If you would like to find out about distribution rights for your area, please send a fax with details of your proposal to (07) 3800 6063.

Dave Townes