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Welcome to ProtectAll Security Products the home of " StopClimb" the NON-DRYING Anti-Vandal or Anti-Climb Paint.

StopClimb is used to deter vandals, trespassers, burglars and graffiti artists from climbing over walls, fences and onto roofing. When used on a pole or a downpipe climbing would be virtually impossible.

If anyone should try, their hands and clothing would be covered by the sticky paint, making it very difficult to deny their involvement to the police.

StopClimb is available in four base colours, Black, Brown, Green and Beige, with variations made to order. It is easily applied by brush, roller or trowel and is certainly more pleasing to the eye than the traditional barbed wire.

Anti-Vandal or Anti-Climb paint has been used very successfuly by councils, police, schools and many different organisations for many years in the U.K. and is now available in Australia.